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Life Sciences Supply Chain

Achieving the elusive patient-centric supply chain

Assure supply and delivery

As we’ve seen with the global pandemic, biopharma’s supply chains and operations are vital and yet so tested managing these unparalleled challenges..

Now is the time for decisive leadership across the biopharma value chain to ensure supply of life-saving therapies and vaccines. Life sciences leaders are changing long-held paradigms to emerge stronger and more resilient.

A new era in supply chain CMO collaboration

According to our research, 60% of supply chain executives (pharma/biopharma/medical device) struggle to get real-time inventory and visibility from external manufacturing partners. And yet, nearly all of them plan to expand their use of contract manufacturers in the next three years. This growth and increased complexity in life sciences supply chains requires an entirely different approach to collaboration to meet the demands of New Science and personalized treatments and devices.

In this report we bring to light the similarities and differences in the challenges both parties face and share real-world examples of where digital technology can help solve collaboration pain points. The report features companies who are getting it right and four key steps to establish a new level of supply chain collaboration.


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