Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE+)

We rapidly scale 360° personalized journeys

Powering exceptional journeys with ACE+

We drive sustainable growth by rapidly scaling personalized, omnichannel customer journeys with ACE+.
Today, customers expect personalized experiences anywhere, anytime, with intelligent systems or agents who are fully informed about who they are. Companies know that the only way they can accomplish this is by modernizing their operations, transforming call centers to contact centers, aggregating and mobilizing data from across the front office, and embedding AI. But they’re struggling with the complexity of this multi-faceted journey.

That’s where our ACE+ approach can help.

We power-up new efficiencies quickly and affordably, allowing businesses to self-fund their next generation front office capabilities. ACE+ can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction scores, greater employee satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Customers want to self-serve anywhere, anytime with intelligent systems or interact with agents who are fully informed about who they are.

Omnichannel experience by design

Design a customer engagement model for growth

Experiences need to be continuous, conversational, and conclusive. New interaction pathways should make experiences simpler and more satisfying for customers while addressing more complex tasks. This requires an engagement model that is predictive and proactive based on customer needs, preferences, and intents.
We power complex, personalized journeys that are continuous, conversational, and conclusive.
We use design thinking to innovate omnichannel engagement pathways that are powered by ACE+ and utilize a human + machine operating model.

Putting data at the core, and in the cloud, enables customer journeys that are continuous, seamless, and personalized. Critical to designing and deploying these journeys, is our ability to stand up new capabilities quickly based on industry-specific assets and agile development processes.

Human + machine culture

Create a workforce that is agile, future-skilled and data-driven

To deliver next-generation journeys, companies need to integrate people, process, data, AI and machine learning into a human + machine operating model.

This model puts customer insight and intelligence at the core, continuously guiding and improving customer, employee, and business performance. It powers superior self-service experiences, and it enables agents to be more effective.
We tailor our human + machine operating model so that people can partner with AI to ensure employee and customer success.
The ACE+ operating model integrates human + machine talent, work orchestration, and customer intelligence to meet targeted customer and business outcomes.

The secret to success is in creating a human + machine culture. Instead of taking an either/or approach, we focus on how humans enable machines and how machines enable humans. With this partnership, we help clients get the best of both worlds; with each party doing what it does best in service of better customer experiences and continuous improvement.

AI technology & platform enablement

Operationalize AI and data for maximum impact and value

Transforming to a human + machine operating model requires a holistic view of use cases, requirements and technological capabilities. Companies need to develop a roadmap to an intelligent architecture, built from interfacing technologies and platforms that integrate data from across the front office. The richer the data, the better the outcomes. And, to enable an anywhere-anytime experience, cloud-based development and storage is essential. Learn more.
We combine an intelligent engagement stack that blends intelligent technologies and cloud with enterprise platforms.
ACE+ enables companies to reengineer their technology stack to provide next-gen experiences and transform service from a cost-center to a business driver.

We begin the process by driving efficiencies to self-fund needed investments. Then, we map use cases to requirements, systems, and solutions. Leveraging a blend of enterprise and front-office platforms together with cloud technology and AI, we construct an architecture the enables the human + machine culture and powers personalized omnichannel experiences at scale.
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