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Why tech is losing women just when we need them the most

“The tech industry is a long way from being equal,” writes researcher Barbara Harvey. “The percentage of women working in technology in the U.S. is lower today by three percentage points (at 32%) than in 1984.”

So, what’s going wrong? In a word: culture. Our new research — Resetting Tech Culture — shows that poor company culture is the top reason young women leave tech. It also shows that improving culture is the best way to ensure women in tech stay and thrive there.


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What happens when classrooms meet a pandemic?

Our Durable Learning framework infuses modern neuroscience and leading-edge technologies into the learner experience. The Everest Group has taken notice.

How to avoid security being too little, too late

Robert Kress outlines a few ways that boards can provide a firm cybersecurity foundation for their organizations.

How to diverge from Agile dogmatism

There is no award for being Agile according to any one Agile method. Instead, Mirco Herring argues, the goal should be to deliver better results faster.

State-aligned adversaries and COVID-19

Who is a threat to companies today and why? The answer is different than it was before the pandemic.

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"Migrations to the public cloud can reduce global CO2 emissions by 59 million tons per year — roughly same as taking 22 million cars off the road."

Greg Douglass

Senior Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory

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Wealth managers need to get real with remote

Remote work isn’t what wealth managers are used to, but it’s here to stay. Here’s what advisors need to do to get remote counseling right.

7 best practices for IT-OT convergence

Integrating IT systems with factory or warehouse equipment can be tricky. But even if you can’t apply all seven practices, you’ll still see value.

3 ways to make agile work in the upstream business

What mindset shifts need to occur to enhance upstream business agility? Tommy Ogden outlines a few.

How being bold will take travel to the next level

We’re at a point where it’s important to be bold and move first, writes Jonathan Keane. What does that mean for the travel industry?

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We’re fast-tracking social innovation

Just like start-up accelerators, Social Innovators Accelerator program upskills Accenture people and gives them funding for client co-creation.

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