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Helping clients rotate to an as-a-Service business

Making the pivot to as-a-Service experiences

Delivering engaging as-a-Service experiences that your customers increasingly demand can be a challenge. Learn from companies who have made the pivot.

Our target segments

Hardware companies

EaaS models include hardware-as-a-Service to help operating models become more agile and scalable as-a-Service business.

Software & platforms

Enables customers to use software applications to run on cloud, drive device innovation and support faster deployment of new software across business.

Comms & media

Everything-as-a-Service transformation allow better accessibility to customers, enable third party development and meet customer demands.

Our offerings for as-a-Service operating models

Business & product strategy

Define overall vision and priorities, provide the strategic roadmap to transformation, create the product design and develop the user experience.

Customer success

Increase the end-to-end customer relationship value, evolving SaaS business models through increased adoption and consumption, renewals and more.

Product & platform

Develop a platform-first strategy to create stickiness and facilitate a shared platform to allow product teams to rapidly innovate and experiment.

Organization & culture

Transform the operating model and organization by leveraging a multi-speed model, structuring around services-based organization, and more.

Sales & marketing

Enable processes, structures, and systems required to support a modern “land and expand” sales motion across channel strategy, go-to-market, and more.

Finance & legal

Support the accounting, finance, security/compliance processes, systems, and contracts required for an as-a-Service business.


Obtain executive sponsorship, financial support, and senior leadership commitment to the as-a-Service strategy, enabling accountability and agility.

Our leaders

Vikrant Viniak

Senior Managing Director – Sustainability Services & Strategy, North America Lead

Kevin Dobbs

Managing Director – Accenture Consulting

John Goble

Senior Manager – High Tech, North America

Lucia Lesar

Managing Director – Global Oracle CX Lead

Andrew Chamaj

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy
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