Property transactions made simple and secure

Call for change

Navigating Australia’s property market is no small feat. While many companies are looking to adopt digital solutions, the key to its success is having all parties across the value-chain buy-in.

PEXA, Property Exchange Australia Limited, wanted to take their offerings one step further to help lawyers, conveyancers and other members provide a service that would help mitigate the industry’s largest risks —all while benefitting end-users. By developing an intuitive mobile experience called PEXA Key, they could add more joy to the settlement process and make it more secure. Here’s how they partnered with Accenture to bring settlement to people’s fingertips.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Working as a team, Accenture and PEXA conducted interviews with buyers, sellers, conveyancers and lawyers who specialize in conveyancing. This helped determine what the challenges and opportunities were for individuals within this segment of the property market.

Co-creation workshops were held so the team could sync up, and usability testing was conducted before modelling each design concept. Doing so ensured the app was constantly being built around the end-user’s unique needs. After the modelling, testing and optimization were completed, a phased approach to rollout was taken before launching the app nationally. A small group of users provided feedback before the app went live, ensuring it was fit to serve customers’ needs.
So how did PEXA put its customers first?
PEXA Key is a complimentary app designed to ease some of the stress associated with buying or selling a residential property, including the secure communication of the transaction. Organisations that go above and beyond not only demonstrate that next level of differentiation but also garner the customer’s loyalty.

A valuable difference

In a time where people were required to stay home during the COVID pandemic, PEXA provided Australia’s property market with an alternative to forge ahead. Since PEXA Key’s launch in 2019, more than 187,000 Australian home buyers and sellers have used the app.

To date, PEXA Key has been used in property settlements valued at more than AUD$136 billion. In fact, more than 9,000 legal and conveyancing firms across Australia have access to share the app with their clients. The feedback from industry has been so positive that the app saw PEXA win the 2020 Australian Financial Review Most Innovative Companies – Best Service Innovation award. Looking forward, the partnership between Accenture and PEXA is poised to flourish further, as PEXA and its customers help home buyers and sellers secure their nest.

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