We are reaffirming our unwavering commitment to equality and justice for all by taking actions to fight racism, create more opportunities for employment and advancement, and become more inclusive and diverse.

In the US, we have announced goals to increase the representation of our African American and Black and Hispanic American and Latinx managing directors and people overall by 2025. To fulfill these goals, we are working on a comprehensive plan, which includes recruiting, retention, staffing, sponsorship and advancement. Soon we will announce similar targets in South Africa and in the UK.

We also are putting in place new training that will support our people in identifying and speaking up about racism, which will be mandatory in the US and the UK and available around the world.

Finally, we are making community investments that leverage our unique strengths. For example, in the US we are launching the Black Founders Development Program to help Black entrepreneurs advance their technology businesses.

Together, we can drive change across the globe. There is much hard work to do, but I am encouraged by the dialogue and action happening around the world. Let’s all demonstrate that racism has no home at Accenture by listening, leading and lifting each other up along the way. 

Julie Sweet



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