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Operating model & organization design

The Accenture 360° Value Reporting Experience

Access, create and unlock people’s potential.

Our passion is to design great organizations

How can we reinvent work in the age of gen AI?

Lead and learn differently to reinvent work, reshape the workforce and prepare workers, responsibly. Discover how to get true value from gen AI.

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The digital core of organizational design


Enterprise Operating Models

We take a strategy-led and data-driven systems approach to enterprise design. Our work delivers the right balance of agility and scale, and growth and efficiency required by today’s complex business strategies.

Functions and Shared Services

We have the experts and benchmarks to guide design of a single function as well as complete global business services architecture. We bring technology and operations insights to provide a full suite of structure, location, staffing, and automation options.​


The design work isn’t complete until leaders are making decisions that lead to new outcomes. We ensure the right connections and conversations are wired into the organization and leaders are practicing and modeling new ways of work.​

Optimization and Innovation

We can help you build the mechanisms to measure design impacts and monitor the health of the organization. Proactive adjustments, based on robust data-based insights, allows for continuous evolution and avoids disruptive restructuring events.

Digitally powered business models require organizations that can deliver better decision-making at the center and the edge. Today's organization models must deliver both agility and scale. An investment in organization design is as foundational as an investment in technology.​

By the numbers


of executives believe their operating model is unable to continuously adapt to disruptive forces.


of executives see at least some risk to growth and performance if they don’t rethink their operating model.



The long-term EBITDA growth for truly agile organizations compared with 6% on average for non-agile organizations

What we think

The tech-powered operating model

Find out how to use data and technology as a strategic asset.

Networked, Scaled, and Agile

Balance global and local tensions. Integrate assets to create market-leading solutions. Empower your employees. Build leaders able to manage strategic complexity.

Move fast to thrive: Intelligent operating model

Accenture’s report outlines five characteristics for an intelligent, agile operating model: Human, Liquid, Enhanced, Living and Modular.

Case studies

Reinventing operations to trigger growth

Automation, analytics and top talent help a leading European bank cut operating costs by 20-30%—freeing up resources to reinvest in business.

Heeding the digital call to action in oil and gas

A new digital strategy transforms a national oil company’s operations—and its bottom line.

Employee-centric operations unlocks $1M in savings

Global food manufacturer digitizes its Talent and HR operations and reshapes the employee experience to meet customer needs.

The Kates Kesler methodology

Our leaders

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Senior Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Global Lead

Kent McMillan

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design

Cherene Powell

Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, North America Lead

Sam Holmes

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, EMEA Lead

Steve Giles

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Growth Markets Lead