The changing face of gaming

The gaming market just keeps getting bigger. It has surpassed movies and music—combined. It is popular in every corner of the globe, with all ages, and with all demographic groups. Gamers are spending more and more time engaged in play, and increasingly it’s a social and community activity. The limits on this growth remain uncharted.

This ongoing market expansion has huge implications for the many businesses operating within the gaming ecosystem, including developers, distributors, content creators, and game platforms. In our first essay in the series, Gaming: The next super platform, we explore the industry’s rapidly growing revenue streams, the drivers of growth, the changing demographics of the gaming universe, and the increasing importance of gaming’s social interactions.

In our second essay, Playing for everyone!, find out why the gaming industry needs to offer the right experiences for all players – new and old – where we uncover opportunities for game platforms and content ecosystems to differentiate end-to-end experiences.

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