In brief

In brief

  • New patterns of media consumption and numerous content types are creating opportunities for CPGs to get closer to consumers.
  • Many consumers are influenced by content on social media regarding brands: entertainment and information are blurring into “contentainment”.
  • Large, global CPGs need to explore these channels, i.e., live streaming led commerce, that provide real time experiences and can monetize interactions.
  • This requires new audience segmentation, a defined and targeted content strategy and funding for micro moment- led tailored campaigns.

Merging information and entertainment: “contentainment”

New patterns of consumer media consumption and a multitude of content types are creating vast opportunities for CPGs to get closer to consumers through unique social content.

Many of today’s consumers have acquired a taste for content that is contextual, local, and micro-segmented, as well as on-demand, bite-sized and mobile-centric. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are helping meet consumers’ desire for both information and entertainment, or “contentainment”. Today, reportedly more social media users consume news on social platforms than from any other source, and more consumers trust what is proclaimed by the people they follow, than brand-created content.

CPGs need to consider this as part of their approach to meet consumers where they are and how they want to interact with brands.

Social platforms are helping meet consumers’ desire for both information and entertainment, or “contentainment”.

Where to focus

The interplay of content, channel, consumer and consumer brands can allow consumers can seamlessly engage with and evaluate products and services. Digital-first brands are using social platforms to create engaging campaigns with industry leading MROIs, some at a fraction of the cost typically spent by big players.

CPGs will need to consider their audience segments, define their content approach, evaluate media choices and provide a commerce backend to complete the consumer journey as shown in the figure.

The interplay of the contentainment 4Cs has shaped a new paradigm of entertainment content created specifically to influence consumers to buy products, services, and concepts.

To find out more about how to leverage contentainment, download the first edition of The Consumer below.

Anirudh Kaushik

Manager – Consumer Goods & Services


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