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In our dramatically different travel landscape, travel companies can journey back to growth by finding creative ways to succeed in the new reality.

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Discover how travel companies can get to net zero

Industry leaders moving from ambition to action.

Back to growth in travel with creative pragmatism

As travel gets started on the journey back to growth, industry players are still grappling with the dynamics of a dramatically different travel landscape.

Travel companies will need to lean into their “adaptive gene,” and find ingenious ways to succeed in today’s environment. We call this mindset creative pragmatism, and it combines a realist’s clear vision and an innovator’s bold spirit.

You can start applying creative pragmatism by seizing opportunities, rebuilding travelers’ trust, redirecting cost savings to reinvest in growth and building adaptive cost models.

It's time to get creative and get moving again.


Explore travel’s changing realities in The Guide

The travel landscape is constantly changing. What do our experts—and the leaders of some of the industry’s most successful organizations—see as the way forward? Find out in the latest issue of The Guide, the digital magazine from Accenture Travel.


Find your way through today’s travel landscape

Travel readiness index

A new way of forecasting is needed for today’s travelers. Combining data with forecasted intent, we’re creating a monthly index which tracks travel and non-travel indicators that influence overall readiness to travel again, such as COVID-related health status, economic indicators, travel demand, and mobility status.

The latest findings show:

  • The average score reached 0.73 in October (scale from 0 to 1), up 6% from September but -23% from pre-Covid baseline.
  • Turkey maintained its lead positioning, followed closely by Spain and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Recovery is uneven as many countries relax restrictions ahead of the winter vacation season.
  • Governments have started issuing immunization cards, but better interoperability is needed for smooth travel.

In the spotlight

To win customer loyalty, travel providers need to combine three key aspects; soul, mind and body.

Travel is coming back. Scale your travel operations and get ready for demand–at the right cost.

Why capturing the post-pandemic leisure traveler is the urgent priority for travel companies.

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How we help

Though you can’t control the forces shaping the travel industry, you can control your own future by being creative, pragmatic and agile across several key areas, which you can start applying today.

End-to-end travel experience

Regain customer confidence by developing stellar experiences—from planning and booking to stay and return, you can revamp the entire traveler journey.

Intelligent operations

Reduce costs and enhance your predictive and real-time decisions by bringing together technology and human ingenuity for agile operations.

Living systems & cloud for travel

Increase agility and innovation by following a step-by-step approach that’s accelerated by cloud and puts technology at the heart of your business.

Empowering workforce excellence

Respond faster to change with a flexible workforce model that creates satisfying roles for your employees, is cost-effective and customer focused.

Retail in travel

Improve retail by extending products and services, diversifying revenue, streamlining purchases and build loyalty via a retail merchandising engine.

Intelligent services

Improve customer journeys and operational performance by tapping into cross-organizational data and travel insights that sharpen your responsiveness.

Recovery strategy & sustainable growth

Deal with disruption by restructuring the business and the balance sheet; evolving the revenue model, operating margin streams and profit engine.

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End-to-end support for global travel

Our travel experts work with the world's leading airlines, hospitality and travel services companies to help you build strong ecosystem partnerships, increase resiliency and improve the travel experience.

True travel industry experts

2500+ deeply skilled industry experts make up our strong, functional network

Ecosystem partnerships

We help you navigate the technology platforms available and identify the partners you need to engage with for long-term, sustained success

Industry-specific innovations

With 11 travel hubs around the globe dedicated to advancement, our capabilities are applied through an industry lens to accelerate innovation


What we think

Cloud is travel's passport to tomorrow: Increase resilience, innovation, and create seamless traveler experiences.

Stay up to date on the state of air cargo capacity changes based on actual flight movements with our weekly updates throughout COVID-19.

New patterns of consumer behavior may endure long beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ripple effect will reshape value chains.

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Embark: Travel, tech and trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: how to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era.

It’s a new dawn for the travel industry. Trust is at the forefront – from booking to return. Tune in to listen to industry leaders and their stories.


Case studies

Radisson digitally enables operations to lower costs and improve services for franchisees and owners.

Carnival Corporation connects high-touch technology and the human touch to create hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

Here's how we enabled TUI Group’s employees deliver a personalized experience for guests.

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Our leaders


U.S. millennials plan to spend more on luxury travel in 2021, new research from Tripadvisor reveals

Joint study with Accenture also shows U.S. cities are back on the radar for domestic leisure travel.

COVID-19 has sparked a new wave of innovation across consumer industries, according to Accenture research

After a year of lockdowns, 95% of Accenture’s survey respondents said they made at least one change to their lifestyle that they expect will be permanent.

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