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The smart way to use data

We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action.

Call for change

Every area of Accenture relies on data to make decisions and take action. Knowing the power of data combined with the ingenuity of our people, Accenture is moving toward a data-driven culture where every process and person is enabled with applied intelligence. Applied intelligence is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and automation to derive insights from Accenture’s vast amount of data to help empower our corporate functions, teams and leaders to make data-driven decisions.

To advance Accenture to this state, our global IT organization has been leading a multi-year applied intelligence program. We are building on the foundational initiatives of earlier years to transform the way we enable applied intelligence throughout Accenture. We are helping business teams within and across functions to build analytics to answer questions today. We are also working toward a future of putting applied intelligence in the hands of all Accenture employees, when, where and how they need it. To do that, we’re partnering with our business teams to enable them to develop their own analytics solutions, leaning on global IT as experts.

When tech meets human ingenuity

"In the early weeks of COVID-19, our global IT Applied Intelligence team delivered value-added analytics quickly to numerous enterprise functions, helping to enhance Accenture’s response."

— Mark Martynus, Managing Director – Global IT, Delivery Services, Accenture


Digital products


Advanced analytic models


Patents filed

A valuable difference

"We are teaming with all of global IT Applied Intelligence’s services to set up Finance for self-service analytics and standard datasets. This will let us do all kinds of analysis on our own without deep expertise."

— RACHAEL BYRD, Director – Finance, Accenture

Manage myBusiness

This platform provides self-service analytics for business unit and client leads to improve business performance.

Sales win probability predictor

A product with a machine learning model at its core that scores and predicts the probability of winning business opportunities in the sales cycle.

Insight-driven internal auditing

Transformed internal auditing through digitized risk models, Accenture Insights Anywhere platform, data lake, full population testing, various tools.

ALICE: Accenture Legal Intelligent Contract Exploration

An intelligent and robust contract search tool with full-text search and a clause extraction solution to identify keywords in specific clauses.

Procurement general ledger recommendation

A product that uses predictive analytics and automates the recommendation of general ledger accounts to Accenture buyers at the point of purchase.

Expense compliance

An anomaly detection solution for Accenture’s expense reporting system that augments our existing rule-based analytics.

Intelligent cash

Reimagined the way we work with an intelligent cash solution merging intelligence, automation and human expertise into a hybrid human + machine model.

Meet the team

Mark Martynus

Managing Director – Global IT, Delivery Services

Mark Dineen

Managing Director – Global IT, Data Architecture

Josh Siebert

Managing Director – Global IT, Corporate Technology

Bridget Schreiber

Senior Manager – Global IT, Digital Experience