Digital Workplace Services

Reimagine the workplace to adapt to our new, hybrid working lives. The future workforce: productive anywhere.

Super-charge your workforce

The fact is that every business outcome—from productivity and efficiency to talent retention, innovation and growth—starts with your employees. According to Accenture’s 2021 Future of Work Study, 83% of workers across the globe envision a hybrid work model as optimal for work in the future. The future of work must enable workers to be productive, resilient and healthy regardless of where they work. But only 40% today are.

Accenture’s Digital Workplace brings together the three dimensions of the modern work experience: physical, human and digital. With the right mix of technology, operations, and culture, the future workforce is super-charged to innovate and drive sustainable business value – all through the power of Accenture.

How the Cloud Continuum is changing the enterprise workplace—and how to respond


Workplace services

Help enterprises enable their people to work and collaborate from any device and any location, at any time.

Workforce services

Manage the human interface leveraging innovations to improve business and optimize for hybrid work models.

Workspace services

Automate workplace activities and optimize space performance, supported by data-driven operations, internet of things and AI.

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How will extended reality transform interaction?

With flexibility becoming a rising imperative, organizations must embrace hybrid working models to attract and retain talent.

The office of the future is already, here thanks to technologies like XR and the metaverse. “Meta-offices” are places where people can collaborate in real-time using purpose-built tools.

Meta-offices are a manifestation of the modern working models that organizations must adopt, taking three key elements into consideration: workplace, workspace and workforce. By employing cloud-enabled technology, we can quickly evolve experiences across digital work, physical environments and the people who drive our businesses.

Step into the modern digital workspace.

Case studies

A Large Specialty Products Manufacturer transformed workplace collaboration by switching to Microsoft Teams.

Migrating a global automaker’s Argentina subsidiary into an elastic digital workplace.

Accenture uses Microsoft Teams to modernize and augment its digital workforce in changing times.

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How to get more value out of your data in the cloud

When an organization uses data strategically, stronger customer relationships drive competitive advantage and business growth. But how do you get there?

Tips for getting multi-cloud orchestration right

Let us let you in on a big secret: effective orchestration is one of the major areas where you can increase your cloud ROI. Here are a few helpful tips.