How Accenture does IT

Accenture's global IT organization is at the forefront of innovation, providing the infrastructure and services that enable us to serve our clients.

Fueling Accenture 

Our global IT team is powering Accenture at speed and scale with award-winning technology solutions and the best in IT talent. We help our own organization to embrace change and reinvent how we work—anytime, anywhere. We enable our business, and our clients’ organizations, to transform and grow by being platform-powered, cloud native, agile and data driven. And we get to the heart of IT challenges, faster, with the accent on intelligent and secure technology solutions. For the global IT team, inclusion and diversity matters—we’re proud to be recognized by Disability:IN as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.” And we collaborate to be greater than, now more than ever.

Outmaneuvering uncertainty

Leveraging the power of technology for resilience

Ramnath Venkataraman, senior managing director–Technology Global Services, talks with Accenture CIO Penelope Prett about what steps Accenture is taking to stay resilient in these unprecedented times.

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COVID-19 presented the greatest disruption the world has seen in decades, including disruption Accenture faced in its work patterns of 710,000 employees at client sites and in its own offices. Despite the unprecedented challenges, Accenture’s infrastructure and collaborative culture enabled a quick response to the disruption of the pandemic, supporting both our people and our clients.

Our Global IT organization played a critical role in powering Accenture during COVID-19, delivering technology and tools to seamlessly transition our business to one where our people work from home. At the foundation, we invested in the right infrastructure and tools, such as cloud; adopted a clear strategy with a security-first approach; and used value-add technologies like analytic dashboards and innovative apps to help Accenture emerge even stronger during this period of great uncertainty. Pervasive use of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams enabled seamless continuity for our people. Watch the full conversation between Ramnath Venkataraman and Penelope Prett.

Accenture runs on Microsoft

Equipping our people to work seamlessly, anywhere, anytime

Accenture is working at speed to deploy and adopt a new way of collaborating in the New.

Progressive Microsoft deployments today equip Accenture people with the leading capabilities they need to work seamlessly anywhere.

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Accenture is powered by SAP

Accenture runs its core financial processing on a single global instance of SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure—embracing change for powerful progress.

Accenture is among the first enterprises to run its production SAP S/4HANA® on Microsoft Azure's next-generation virtualized architecture at scale.

Accenture shares its journey and guiding principles to attaining ERP flexibility, quality, system performance and cost-effectiveness

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Case studies

Creating our next-generation IT operations workforce for more operational and business efficiency.

How Accenture provides the right experiences, tools and environment to work in a modern way.

We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action.

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CIO 24/7 podcast series

Our Spotlight: CIO 24/7 podcast series highlights how our global IT teams are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for Accenture. We are implementing technology that not only enables Accenture to run cost-effectively, securely and more sustainably, but that also is transforming how our people work to foster innovation and propel growth.


In this episode, Accenture CIO Penelope Prett talks with Global Head of Talent Allison Horn and Digital Experiences Lead and Jason Warnke about how virtual reality fits into the digital experience.

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Insights from our blog

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The leading-edge playlist

Our transformation to the New is positioning Accenture for the post-digital world, one characterized by companies looking for the next competitive edge. But it doesn’t mean digital is over. Implementing digital solutions has been fundamental to our journey—and likely will be to your organization’s, too. Get inspired by our videos that show how we’re applying digital technologies to existing business capabilities or transforming them to change the way Accenture operates.


Innovating in the cloud

Cloud provides limitless possibilities. Running our business in the cloud enables Accenture to operate with agility, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Meet our CIO

In a culture of inclusion, collaboration and trust, our team has produced award-winning innovations that unleash the promise of technology for our clients.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information Officer

Join the team

As part of our global IT team operating in various locations across the world, you’ll be at the heart of Accenture’s story—innovating and applying cutting-edge technologies across our own business as we deliver 360-degree value to clients and communities.

You’ll have every opportunity to build and practice your skills in areas such as cloud, mixed reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and intelligent automation. You’ll be able to apply your creativity to reimagine technology architecture, digital experience, data and applied intelligence, digital platforms and collaboration tools, modern infrastructure and networks. And you’ll gain experience with Microsoft, SAP, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Adobe.

If you want to work with supportive and collaborative professionals to blend technology and human ingenuity in a barrier-free work environment, then look no further.


Awards & recognition

A closer look at the accolades that the global IT organization at Accenture has won.

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