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Supply chain analytics and AI in driving relevance, resilience and responsibility

September 22, 2021


In brief

It’s not business as usual for supply chain organizations today.


Customer and employee relevance, which secures future growth—According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2020, 76% of executives agree that organizations need to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner. Such experiences help create more engaged employees and more loyal customers.


Operational resilience, which creates profitability and viability in a post-COVID world prone to crises—Accenture’s July 2020 CxO Pulse survey found that three-quarters of chief supply chain officers want to rethink their supply chains (including processes and operating models) to make them more resilient—which isn’t surprising given the mass disruptions they’ve experienced in the past year.


Business responsibility, which fosters prosperity for all without destroying the planet—A sustainable sustainable supply chain is the top value proposition for companies as consumers become more conscious about the products they are consuming—where they are sourced, how they are made and how they are recycled.

A small group of Leaders we identified in our research—13%—excel at simultaneously delivering relevance, resilience and responsibility.

Analytics and AI: Three critical use cases to drive immediate and significant value

Underpinned by AI and the cloud, these digital doubles can help companies improve resilience by identifying potential vulnerabilities and optimizing key areas of their supply chain.

We saw the importance of having greater visibility into the supplier base in the early days of the pandemic, which caused massive disruptions in supply in virtually every industry around the world.

Real-time access to supplier data can enable companies to hold suppliers accountable for where and how they’re sourcing materials—allowing brands to cut off a supplier that’s not meeting ethical or sustainable standards.

Charting a path to a more relevant, resilient, and responsible future

Jaime Lagunas

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain and Operations, Data and AI Lead

John Matchette

Senior Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting, Supply Chain and Operations, Data and AI Solutions Lead