A striking new look for procurement

In a fast-moving, hypercompetitive consumer industry like beauty, where customer expectations keep evolving and new market entrants are causing disruption, it is imperative for leaders to invest in their businesses.

One beauty leader of numerous upscale, globally celebrated beauty brands decided to refocus operations on a high-value, high-growth future. With a goal to double the company’s revenue while maintaining a sustainable cost structure the company knew they needed a partner to create a strong foundation for growth.

Procurement was central to this ambition. But legacy processes and entrenched ways of working meant the team was spending too much time on routine transactional activities.

It was time for a new approach. The vision? To reimagine the procurement function, freeing the team from transactional work to focus on strategic value-adding work and support next-level procurement outcomes for this digitally transformed business.

A Global Beauty Leader Gets a Procurement Make Over

Accenture's video shows how SynOps' blend of human expertise and machine efficiency is transforming source-to-pay for a global beauty leader. See more.

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Strategy and solution

This multinational is leveraging SynOps to accelerate the maturity of its global indirect procurement function through intelligent operations.

Maturation of global source-to-pay

Gradually expanding the scope & technical sophistication of indirect procurement through SynOps.

Sourcing and category management

Transformed efficiency and visibility through detailed market analysis, sourcing expertise, supplier, contract management and category management.

End-to-end RFx support

End-to-end RFx activities including training and managing suppliers, executing non-disclosure agreements, and setting up new vendors.

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By the numbers

This global beauty leader has significantly increased the efficiency of its day-to-day indirect procurement with standardized processes, automated buying, and self-service capabilities.


A 20 percent return delivered within two years on an addressable spend of $750 million


$50 million total savings forecast in sourcing alone


Over 90 percent of all indirect spend now visible at transaction level through improved analytics and reporting


Enhanced buyer and supplier experiences​

This global beauty leader has significantly increased the efficiency of its day-to-day indirect procurement with standardized processes, automated buying and self-service capabilities.

Transformed visibility

Analytics capabilities set to track transaction-level detail for over 90% of indirect spending to improve buyer behavior and supplier management.

Enhanced buyer and supplier experiences

Digital transactions are cutting turnaround times dramatically. Buyers are automatically routed to suppliers. Suppliers get enhanced collaboration.

Improved compliance

$750 million of tail-spend activity transformed by a dedicated team handling low-dollar, high-volume purchases, improving compliance.

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