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Case Study

Ferrero: A recipe for employee engagement

Ferrero creates a new employee culture with a cloud-based HR solution.

Call for change

To perform HR processes or learn new skills, people had to navigate through different systems. Ferrero needed help transforming the employee experience with streamlined HR processes and user-friendly technology.

When tech meets human ingenuity


Ferrero collaborated with Accenture to enhance the end-to-end experience for 14,000 white collar employees.


Ferrero collaborated with Accenture in 55 countries.

The individual’s public-facing page serves as a digital business card highlighting:

  • career experience
  • skills
  • certifications
  • internal projects
  • hobbies
  • volunteering

In a private area on their page, employees can also set:

  • individual development plans
  • career aspirations
  • evaluate and shape competencies and knowledge

A valuable difference

After the launch, approximately 80% of the workforce accessed their profile in order to complete and maintain it.

Meet the team

Daniele Savini

Managing Director – Client Account Lead

Pamela Macovaz

Managing Director – Talent & Organization for CG&S
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