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Fierce: The top line podcast with Ray Pressburger

Modernizing commercial models for future success

The new era of commercialization

What is driving this change?

A new growth era


ranked advancing the sophistication of pricing and market access as one of their top three priorities to drive future commercial success


ranked stronger adoption of data and analytics capabilities to fuel decisions and operations as one of their top three investment priorities


said product launch capability received the greatest increase in technology investment over the past 12 months


ranked talent as top aspect of operating model critical for growth


of respondents cited sustainability and more equitable access as their top net new priority without being prompted


of executives said they see their organization shifting to be more focused on transformation

Actions to modernize commercialization

Patient and societal sustainability

Build representation and diversity in all operations. Develop customer strategies with underserved communities in mind. Commit to measuring impact being created to drive systematic change.

Customer model and relationship

Reshape digital experiences using human bonds to elevate impact with digital. Unlock the value of digital marketing and customer capabilities with strategies that bring the digital and field together.

Economic sustainability: Systems and manufacturers

Create new models for access that make clear, consistent evidenced-based pricing approaches, sharpen evidence generation focus in earlier development, and pro-actively market shape with stakeholders.

Sustainable operations and cost basis

Streamline, digitize and simplify operations. Revisit commercial operating models through changing approaches to structures, simplifying operations, or digitizing micro components of key processes.

Sustainable workforce model

The shared mission of helping patients in life sciences has supported retention but requires evolution in “doing good” and meeting societal expectations around diversity and representation.


The next era of commercialization

“While we are rarely wrong about the direction of change in healthcare, we are almost always wrong about its velocity.”

— RAY PRESSBURGER, Accenture Strategy, Commercial, Sales and Marketing, Life Sciences

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