Natural Language Understanding solutions & services

Tapping into natural language content – text, voice, images, videos – to enhance insight discovery and decision making in your enterprise

Are you getting value from your unstructured data?

Business analytics and decision making are increasingly relying on the ability to leverage unstructured data – emails, social media, images, videos, text documents, audio.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enables computers to understand human language contained in unstructured data and deliver critical insights. A well-implemented NLU solution provides a deep understanding of unstructured data and end users’ query intent, helping organizations solve challenges and identify opportunities:

  • Knowledge discovery – enhance productivity for knowledge professionals by extracting insight from cross-functional documents, such as regulations, contracts, reports, policies, etc.
  • Customer experience – go beyond simple chatbots to automating more intelligent natural language question/answer interactions
  • Employee performance – improve employee productivity through a single intranet portal that unifies enterprise knowledge repositories

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Extracting insights from unstructured data has been difficult. But with natural language processing and machine learning, this is changing fast.

Natural Language Understanding systems in action

Natural Language Understanding is becoming an essential AI technique leveraged by many enterprises to create competitive advantages across industries and business functions.

Question answering systems

Enable intelligent enterprise search and connect employees to business data and relevant resources

Business chatbots and customer support portals

Provide automated answers to high-volume, low-complexity questions and reroute requests, helping reduce support costs

E-commerce product recommendations

Improve search relevancy, provide targeted responses, and deliver personalized results based on query intent


Extract entities from research and trials reports to automate manual effort and discover insights


Automatically match jobs to candidates to improve recruiters’ productivity, increase fill rates, and reduce time to fill

Natural resources exploration

Extract information from highly unstructured content, such as reports, maps, notes, etc.

Compliance and risk management

Interpret financial and compliance documents to identify risk, fraud, and non-compliance “red flags”

Legal contract analysis

Interpret contract documents to identify “red flags” or breach of contract

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NLU consulting and implementation services

Whether your organization is seeking to apply NLU to solve unstructured content processing challenges or enhance insight discovery, our Natural Language Understanding services deliver:

  • Planning, implementation, support – project planning, architectural design, implementation, and support for your NLU solution
  • Content acquisition and processing – acquire unstructured or semi-structured data using Accenture’s secure connectors to multiple business repositories
  • Raw language and statistical language processing – provide the highest-quality data to support relevant, accurate results for search and analytics
  • Text analytics solutions – text mining, text extraction, entity extraction, content categorization, content clustering, fact extraction, and relationship extraction
  • Content and query understanding – leverage Accenture’s R&D initiative for creating and maintaining scalable enterprise language models for user interaction and document understanding (watch the video to learn more).

Saga Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Framework

Saga Natural Language Understanding (NLU) was developed to provide a scalable framework that fills the gaps in existing NLP/NLU technologies. See more.

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