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Cloud data: A new dawn for dormant data

March 6, 2023 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

A new life for data

Cloud data value

The complexity conundrum

Extract the intrinsic value

The highest performing companies are 2.4X more likely to store their data in a specialized modern data platform in the cloud.

Six key practices to extract data’s value

1. Extricate: Free data from silos

Break-free data trapped in legacy systems; silos, enabling enterprise-level data graphs, analyze data in one place, to activate advanced AI/ML, at scale.

2. Extend: Expand data mindsets across the Cloud Continuum

Capture, manage & process data across the full span of public and private clouds, and network edge to activate data in real-time & optimize data place.

3. Productize: Treat data as a product

Establish product attributes & bring proven product development practices, processes, and tools. Deliver quality, configurability, and reusability.

4. Automate: Adopt data-as-code

Evolve from DevOps to DataOps, applying rigorous approaches widely used in software development, spotlighting autonomous data management. 

5. Democratize: Make high-quality data products available

Put high-quality data products in the hands of the people who need them, when they need them, in the way they need them.

6. Publish: Share data…the new norm

Tap into more of data’s intrinsic value by ingesting and sharing data seamlessly and securely with the broader ecosystem with confidence.


of top performers, an elite group of companies, excel at capturing value from data.


of executives surveyed that are “highly mature” in data connectivity and interoperability.

Wake your dormant data

Karthik Narain

Lead – Accenture Cloud First

Karthik Narain leads Accenture Cloud First, with responsibility for helping clients shape, move and operate their business in the cloud.

Lan Guan

Lead – Cloud First, Data & AI

Lan advises cross-industry clients on enterprise growth by developing and implementing data and AI strategies and scalable solutions to maximize market opportunities.