Paths to sustainable growth

Banking and capital markets

The pandemic has set the stage for a looming credit crisis. Capital markets has an opportunity to help economies and also re-invent itself.

Why banks need a strategy to balance clients’ critical needs and those of shareholders and society.

Our Forum article looks at how banks can creatively develop funding solutions for liquidity-strapped clients.

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Media, entertainment and sports

Oil and gas

See 10 key insights that can steer the transition to progress in the journey ahead.

Oil & gas companies must take action to secure a sustainable and profitable future.

Purpose, action and transparency are key to achieving a successful energy transition.

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Accenture supported the World Economic Forum’s Electricity Industry Action group in creation of the System Value framework, which more holistically evaluates economic, environmental, social and technical outcomes of potential energy solutions. The framework can be used to support a diverse range of activities including investment decisions, policy decisions, as well as public-private dialogues between business, regulators and policy makers on solutions to accelerate economic growth and a clean energy transition.

POV: Industrial Clusters critical to achieving net-zero

World Economic Forum – The path to maximize system value

Blog: Industrial clusters four solutions to net-zero

Blog: Industrial clusters are critical to getting to net-zero. Here’s why

Blog: System value can power the energy transition in emerging markets

How China set the path for net carbon neutrality by 2060

System Value of the clean energy transition

Chemical and advanced materials

Growing instability globally will require new management practices in response to forecasting.

Many chemical exports were prevented during the pandemic, future success rests on flexible, equitable trade.

From construction to healthcare, the chemical industry plays a pivotal role in a sustainable recovery post-COVID.

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