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Right path to digital transformation in logistics

June 20, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Digital state of play


of respondents agree: “Any Freight and Logistics company not focusing on building digital capabilities will seriously endanger their business.”


of respondents agree: “Overall, at an industry level, there is not only an ignorance of digitalization, but also a lack of roadmap in terms of what needs to be done”.

Patchy digitalization progress

The bubble size represents the number of companies from the sample. The larger bubbles, the more companies in the cluster.

Even the most sophisticated digital leaders have functions or processes that still lag other industries with fully built-out digital capabilities. Many of those further behind have yet to get to grips with the transformation task ahead of them.

Inward-facing digital priorities

Find the right path to digitalization

1. Take an honest look at your situation

Use our analysis of clusters and segments to understand where you fit compared with your peers. Be clear on your starting point.

2. Learn from the Leaders and Efficient Followers

Determine where you need to get to by looking at the best in your segment. Where are the sweet spots for quick wins?

3. Create customer-centric investment strategy

Will you invest across the digital spectrum or decide which areas are most important to meet the needs of your customers?

Sarah Banks

Managing Director – Global Lead, Freight and Logistics

Sarah is working with logistics clients on complex and impactful solutions to transform organizations, processes and technology.

Mei Yee Pang


Mei is helping transform supply chains for some of the world’s biggest companies by leveraging new technologies and strategies.

Ruuchi Chhabra

Managing Director – Freight and Logistics Industry, Strategy & Consulting

With the apt use of innovation Ruuchi is helping clients transform linear supply chains into digital supply chains.


Matthias Wahrendorff

Senior Thought Leadership Principal – Accenture Research, Global IIoT and Industrial Research Lead


Research Specialist—Accenture Research Data Science Team

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