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Tesmec’s template for a connected company

Implementing a global Dynamics 365 transformation journey to support major acquisition growth

A call for change

Constructing unity from growth

Without a way to quickly harmonize processes, organizations with a portfolio of acquisitions run the risk of losing synergy and harboring unusable data.

That’s why Tesmec, a worldwide manufacturing leader in the mining diagnostics industry and a technology solutions provider for stringing and railway equipment, knew standardization was critical for sustaining its acquisition growth.

When tech meets human ingenuity

A core template for global synergy

Together with Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft, Tesmec initiated the largest Dynamics 365 (Microsoft’s intelligent ERP platform) project for a manufacturer in Italy to date. The project kicked off at Accenture’s Modena Industry X Innovation Center where Tesmec had a hands-on environment to test innovation and project possibilities. Following this exploration, the team blueprinted a Dynamics 365 ERP transformation with standardized processes, centralized procurement, an easily replicable core global template, built-in Microsoft security and compliance and web browser accessibility.

After three months of blueprinting, the team began implementation, starting at the main parent company. During this first implementation, the team focused on ensuring the template would require minimal personalization once rolled out, rather than have unique modules or processes for each business unit or country. Once stable at the parent company, the solution was implemented across the organization.

A valuable difference

Carving out a coefficient future

The new ERP system completely streamlines Tesmec’s operations—from inventory to customer management and communications. The system is already adding value, harmonizing processes to enable the following:

  • More efficient, reduced sales cycles
  • Enhanced customer service experiences
  • Greater data transparency and security
  • Maximum integration with legacy systems
  • Increased supply chain productivity

With the new system, Tesmec can more efficiently share information globally across seven companies in Italy, the US and France. Now, regardless of location, over 500 users have access to reports and production details from across these geographies.

Providing its people with standardized and seamless processes allows Tesmec to take a major step towards its goals. While operating as one, unified group, the company can move forward with this technological foundation to grow wherever the market takes it.