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Own your spot in a traditionally male workplace

Here are some pointers for women who are taking up work in domains that have been predominantly male dominated.

Life on the tracks

Learn about Kashish a woman engineer working with the Indian Railways.

Adopting a hybrid work model?

Read five learnings for women employees on how to make the transition back to work and feel enthused in the new hybrid model.

Be a true LGBTQ+ ally through words and actions

Read how you can play your part by being an ally to your LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Does fear of rejection stop you from applying?

Be confident in who you are. Why? Know here.

Become a woman thought leader on social media

For women looking to establish themselves as thought leaders, here’s how you can harness the power of social media.

Maximize your productivity as a working parent

Learn how the hybrid work model is a boon for parents. Read more on its productivity challenges and how to resolve them.

Cultivate a holistic learning mindset

Here is how you can help create a holistic learning environment for your team and prepare them for future leadership.

Work lessons from India’s earliest female doctors

The stories of India’s earliest female doctors hold valuable lessons for working women, even a century later. Read more.

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