With everyone talking about “doing more with less”, here are some remote working tools that can help you unleash higher productivity for you and your teams.

Peter has a long to-do list. As he begins work, he receives an urgent e-mail. Now he has to abandon the first task and concentrate on responding to this e-mail. Meanwhile, his team is confused on what sequence of tasks needs to be followed and how to manage the project. They end up working on irrelevant tasks and omit others, resulting in delayed delivery and missed deadlines.

Does this ring a bell? Peter could be any one of us. All of us face these challenges. The consequence of this is erosion of productivity. But all is not lost. Technology has given us aids, which can help fill these gaps. Some of the best productivity apps are known to sharpen focus and maximize output.

Using productivity tools at work

Listed below are some remote working tools available as apps that are useful for focused working:

  • Trello allows you to work more collaboratively with your colleagues. The features available on Trello like boards, lists and cards give you the flexibility to organize and prioritize your projects. The basic version is free. You can sign up for more advanced versions for business and enterprise.
  • Slack is not a productivity mapping tool but a collaboration hub that allows smooth communication among remote teams, enabling them to stay more productive no matter where they’re working. Teamwork in Slack happens in channels where conversations are searchable making teams more organized and better connected. The basic version is free. There are advanced versions for different purposes based on people’s requirements.

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  • RescueTime is one of the best productivity apps. As a multipurpose tool, it helps in cutting off your access to distracting websites, while also recording how much time you spend working in different apps and sites. It runs invisibly in the background, monitoring time spent on every website you visit and the software products you use. The Lite version is free, and you can pay for more specific versions.
  • Outfluence enables networking, contactless profile sharing and tagging. This remote working tool manages tasks and conversations at one place, creates a shared calendar, allocates timelines and item owners. It also gives you a dashboard with your own and assigned tasks and items. It is a free app available on iOS and Android.
  • Toggl makes time tracking simple with reminders and idle detection features. It offers manual and automated tracking modes for optimized flexibility and boosting efficiency. It is a paid app and has various versions to select from

There are several other apps available that can address specific needs such as time management, self-organization and end-to-end product management. You can explore them further and choose the best productivity app for your needs. The success of any app will be how disciplined the user is in understanding its output and making behavioral changes accordingly.

RescueTime is a multipurpose productivity app. It helps in cutting off your access to distracting websites, while also recording how much time you spend working in different apps and sites.
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