Have you ever come across a business leader who understands only one aspect of business? Probably not. This is the difference between being a functional leader and a business leader. If you carry the ambition of being a business leader, then cross functional expertise is a must.

As you understand about various aspects of business, it not only helps you grow as a business professional, but also helps you create your presence within the organization by becoming an active participant in organizational initiatives.

While the merit of acquiring cross functional expertise is established, this Vaahini connect video will explain the steps that you can take to acquire cross-functional expertise to be a woman leader that inspires.

Cross functional expertise polishes your people skills providing you with multiple opportunities to collaborate and connect with your colleagues.

We often come across business leaders who leave us amazed with their expertise and knowledge about all aspects of work. They leave a strong impactful impression with their knowledge about the business and that is the power of cross-functional expertise.

Cross-functional expertise gives a wider perspective of the complete business and brings forth the challenges that every vertical faces. Thus it becomes easier for business leaders to visualize the broader picture and take informed decisions.

The need for cross-functional expertise

Vaahini Connect’s latest video on cross functional expertise explains how you can look for cross functional opportunities to upskill yourself, and move up the Corporate ladder.

While the video describes how to look for cross functional opportunities, here are some of the benefits of acquiring this expertise:

For self-growth and development

A great culture of cross-functional expertise in any organization enables you to develop strategic decision making abilities, thus giving rise to “out of the box” ideas. This helps in understanding the various perspectives of different functions within the organization, and helps you grow as a leader. This also helps you move through different verticals better and create opportunities for yourself across multiple teams.

For developing managerial skills

If you are equipped with cross functional expertise, you can be a better manager. It helps you strike conversation on a range of topics and helps create a collaborative workplace. This in turn builds a shared sense of decision making among your team, and better engagement with you as their manager.

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