“My husband’s income alone was unable to support our family of three. As a result, we had to send our daughter to a school where boarding was free. This was the case until I acquired basic computer skills from READ India’s initiative and got a job at a local call center called Rural Shores. Now, I am not only able to support my household financially, but also have been able to bring my daughter back home. I feel like I can create a better future for our family.“ – Manjula from Bagepalli, Chikballapur.

The case of Manjula is just one of the many stories of how READ India is enabling rural women to be independent through its teaching programs. These programs are helping women gain employable skills such as local handicrafts so that they can stand on their two feet.

Accenture serves as a mentor to READ India and is enabling the organization to be self-sustained in the long-term. It is helping the foundation that helps women be independent, become independent.

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