“I’ve been listening to Namma Vani for almost 2 years now. It has helped me learn. It has enabled my friends to exchange information too. Moreover, my wife found a job because of Namma Vani.” – Mahantesh from Bengaluru.

The entity behind Mahantesh’s joy is Enable India, a foundation which works for persons with disabilities to make them feel included in society. When this foundation wanted to launch a social networking platform for their target group in rural areas, Accenture served as their technology partner.

Together, they created ‘Namma Vani’, a unique platform that penetrates media dark places across the country. With a mere call, this platform entertains, educates, updates and opens up opportunities for the people it serves. Thereby, giving them a sense of belonging, making them feel included and validated.

Enabling specially abled individuals with the power of technology

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