"I belong to a community where the liberty and freedom of girls is restricted. But I wanted to do something of my own, be independent. And I found the chance to do so, thanks to Anudip Foundation. Through their intensive program, I learnt skills that have helped me get a job and make a career for myself." – Sarvari Parveen from Metiabruz, Kolkata.

Anudip Foundation is helping underserved youth and marginalized women overcome their circumstances by training them for in-demand digital jobs. Partnering with Accenture, the organization has helped digitize the curriculum as well as reinvent the ways the target group learns.

This tie-up has opened up a new world of possibilities for every student who enrolls. Through this partnership, over 85,000 women and youth have found the means to lead better lives and are now shaping the future of new-age technology.

How Sarvari achieved her dream of earning a livelihood.

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