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We have created a hub for revolutionary thinking, a place where you can explore, discover and develop ground-breaking thinking in digital human interactions.
Accenture Song Innovation Center
Our R&D team and innovation center are established in the heart of the French Riviera, in Europe’s largest science park, Sophia Antipolis. We host immersive hands-on experiences combining both inspiration and crafting sessions in our Innovation Center, the perfect place to think unconventionally and from a new perspective.​

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This year’s R&D initiatives

Get longer, fuller hair
Future of content
Optimizing content in marketing, commerce and advertising at scale using proprietary AI technology. Pushing the boundaries of predictive content and UX optimization, content quality and compliance check and data-driven creative recommendations.
Creative futures
Pioneering award-winning campaigns by embedding purpose, cutting-edge science and ingenuity at the core of creativity. Providing weekly inspiration to our global creative community. Leading and supporting pioneering projects such as Memory Lane.
Future interactions
Imagining and developing the future brand interactions that will characterize and differentiate leading brands. Accelerating the future of Spaces, Experiences, Marketing, Advertising, Commerce and Trust in the Metaverse.
Experiences for good
Developing unparalleled future human insights using novel tools and methods. Embedding cutting-edge innovation in accessibility, sustainability and care in our design practice.



US Patent

Visual and Digital Content Optimization
The patented innovation relates to the capability based on Artificial Intelligence to benchmark a content against best practices and prior content to predict its future performance and to provide insights on how to optimize this piece of content.

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