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Investment banking

Bending the cost curve. Enhancing client experience. Implementing new operating models: These are three imperatives for next-gen investment banking.

Investment banks: Ready to transform?

T+1 settlement transition: Checking on the pace

We surveyed 100 capital markets executives in the US and Canada to understand firms’ readiness on the journey to T+1 settlement and the role of AI and automation.


Trading platforms

Transforming front to back processing with digital and cloud-ready solutions, leveraging our alliance partners Murex, Calypso and Finastra.

Applied Technology and Operations for Markets

A technology and operations service for trading and treasury entities to help seek an optimized and flexible cost structure based on clients’ needs.

Intelligent operations

Helping clients to set up a durable and flexible operations function to support business strategy through data driven insights for our clients.

Risk, resilience & legal entity restructuring

Addressing regulation effectively, enhancing the risk function and aligning legal entities to strategies to help create resilient businesses.

Modern engineering

Helping to realize value by creating flexible and scalable technology structures including cloud, AI and data solutions for agile solution delivery.

Next-gen customer service

Leveraging our technology ecosystem and distribution models to support the delivery of customer value across sales, CRM and customer support.

What we think

Towards the capital markets of tomorrow

Our Capital Markets 2025 Vision lays out how firms could invest revenues from 2020 to build the capital markets of tomorrow.

The future of capital markets trading

Capital Markets firms are re-thinking the trading business. We discuss 5 challenges that are most pressing.

Preparing for the LIBOR transition. Time to drive.

Our survey of LIBOR preparedness finds that many firms continue to underestimate the operational demands and challenges of the transition.

Securities firm digitizes its advisory business

A leading Japanese securities firm redefines its customer relationships by leveraging modern technology.

BNP Paribas: Improving client onboarding process

Accenture helped BNP Paribas improve its global client onboarding process.

BMO: CalMon enhances Calypso platform performance

CalMon increased Calypso performance visibility and business productivity and lowered the total cost of ownership.