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Automotive omnichannel experience



Reimagining business through experience

We help reinvent the E2E customer engagement across marketing operations, sales & commerce, and customer service to unlock growth and drive new customer life-centric experiences that make lives easier, engaging and rewarding.

New sources of revenue generation

Generates new revenue growth opportunities by creating customer loyalty that will ultimately drive product and service re-purchase.

Life-centric customer experience

Improve marketing, commerce & service effectiveness by providing consistent, life-centric and integrated customer experiences across the value chain to bring loyalty to the next level.

Accelerated transformation

Boost transformation to the new mobility tech company ecosystem leveraging accelerators and transformation capabilities that enable a faster transition and minimize frictions & risks.

Asset-driven solution, global scale

Pre-configured asset- and platform-based solution which can drive positive ROI and P&L impact within 12 months, and help reduce back-office operations through scaled and global automation.


Enabling architecture

The foundation of the solution. Connecting data sources, system architecture, content creation and delivery.

Integrated data sources

Customer, product and third-party data collected and used to create a holistic view of the customer.

Experience generation

Real-time creation of relevant and dynamic content, leveraging computer generated imaging (CGI) capabilities.

Omnichannel engagement

Hyper-personalized experiences, consistent across all touchpoints and channels.

Metaverse and GenAI

Activation of future ready, fully immersive and most valuable retail experiences through omni-reality metaverse.

What we think

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A new report from Accenture helps automakers address the key challenges to successfully monetizing digital services in the automotive industry.

The automotive experience reimagined

Accenture explains why it's time for OEMs to take innovation seriously and holistically reimagine the automotive customer experience.

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