20-24 June | Cannes, France

Accenture Song at Cannes Lions 2022


After a successful virtual 2021 program, we were back in person at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to display and celebrate our work, thought leadership and clients under the new leadership of CEO and Creative Chairman David Droga.


We showcased work that has the power to change business, industry and customer lives by bringing to life the unlimited potential of imagination, technology and intelligence.

Accenture Song Lions 2022:
  • Grand Prix: Direct Lions | Use of Broadcast: Less Talk, More Bitcoin, Coinbase
  • Gold: Direct Lions | Market Disruption: Cirkular, IKEA​
  • Silver: Direct Lions | Retail: Cirkular, IKEA
  • Bronze: Film Lions | Food/ Drink: Beer for All, Brewdog​
  • Bronze: Film Lions | Media / Entertainment: The Truth Takes A Journalist, New York Times ​

How far can creativity go?

In this blog post, Accenture Song’s Katie Burke shares 5 trends on the ground at Cannes Lions 2022.

Our content sessions

Celebration vs. Cultural Appropriation​

Monday 20 June, 14:00-14:30
Nkanyezi Masango (Group Executive Creative Director, King James, part of Accenture Song)

There’s a thin line between paying homage to a heritage and cultural appropriation. Africa has been a source of inspiration globally for centuries and its creativity has influenced fashion, music and various other disciplines. But Africans feel they don’t get credit for their inventiveness while others benefit from it. This session explored this thin line and how to tread it respectfully, in a way that honors and empowers African culture.
Bringing Humanity and Creativity in Traditional Industry

Tuesday 21 June, 16:15-16:45
Taehan Yoo (Design Director, Fjord, Senior Principal, Accenture Song) and Ayumi Sasaki (Interaction Design Lead, Fjord, part of Accenture Song)

While user behavior of the digital native is rapidly changing, progress in financial services has been hamstrung by regulations and conventional systems. Minna Bank in Japan faced a similar challenge, yet boldly set a vision to re-design the 150-year-old industry to become a new kind of bank for digital natives. In this session, our team from Fjord, part of Accenture Song Japan, did a deep dive into a creative approach that brings humanity to traditional industry and explored the uniqueness of the region when facing any digital transformation challenges.
Future Gazers​

Tuesday 21 June, 16:30-17:15
Mark Curtis (Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership, Accenture Song)

The Future Gazers series brought together a group of hand-selected visionaries from across the industry to paint a picture of our world 18 months from now. Each speaker presented a vision for their chosen focus area. The future of media, design, AI and wellness, metaverse, crypto were all explored as part of the series.
No idea is too big.
​No Idea is Too Big

Thursday 23 June, 10:00-10:30
David Droga (CEO and Creative Chairman, Accenture Song), Lauren Walker (Head of Data & Analytics, Accenture Song) and Dan Garrison (Senior Managing Director, Accenture Song)

When ambition is unleashed by imagination, data and strategic precision, ideas become possibilities. And when those possibilities are met by world-class tech capabilities and operational prowess, things become real, and at the only scale that matters: meaningful. David Droga, CEO and Creative Chairman, together with Lauren Walker, head of Data and Analytics UK, and Dan Garrison, Senior MD, told us why he is more than excited by creativity's boardroom coup.
How Brands and Agencies Can Help Deliver the UN’s SDGs​

Thursday 23 June, 14:30-15:00
Will Hodge (Chief Strategy Officer, Karmarama, part of Accenture Song)

UN Sustainable Development Goal #17 is about partnerships. As we hit the halfway point to the SDG 2030 target, it’s clear progress towards achieving the Goals can only be achieved working together and collective action. The marketing industry has a vital role in building and amplifying those partnerships, and needs to create a shared agenda we can focus and rally around. Will Hodge shared inspiration and learnings to help marketing find its voice and be a force for good. He also shared knowledge to educate ourselves and our customers.
Get everyone involved in the world's todo list
IKEA's Instruction Manual on How to Assemble a Global Circularity Movement

Friday 24 June, 10:30 - 11:00
Adam Kerj (Chief Creative Officer, Accenture Song Nordics)

With initiatives such as their buy-back scheme, circular hubs, sustainable living shops and ‘Green Friday’, IKEA is driving the consumer change, aiming to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people around the world to live a more healthy and sustainable life at home. In this session, our award winning team explored how IKEA infuses innovation with creativity to deliver experiences that focus on improving the lives of both people and planet.
Chief Creatives on the Terrace​

Wednesday 22 June, 12:30-13:15
Eco Moliterno (Chief Creative Officer, Accenture Song LATAM)

Friday 24 June, 12:30-13:15
Scott Bell (Chief Creative Officer, Droga 5, part of Accenture Song)

The daily sessions featured the legends of the creative industry, some of the most influential Chief Creatives from across the globe. They came together for a daily 45-minute session to discuss some of the main editorial themes being explored at the Festival this year.
Secret Speaker

Friday 24 June, 12:45 - 13:00
Eco Moliterno (Chief Creative Officer, Accenture Song LATAM) with Gerando Falcões & Kondzilla

Secret Speaker sessions are where delegates came to hear the most resonating and inspirational content from "secret" speakers guaranteed to inspire change. In this session, Eco Moliterno spoke with Brazilian thought leader Edu Lyra, Founder of Gerando Falcões, about innovation coming out of the Brazilian favelas. Over the last decade, practically every agency in the world has turned their hand at innovation, opening 'innovation labs' that invent new products and services. In Brazil, the latest wave of creative innovation is coming from the favelas.

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