Geospatial platform services

Map the route to increased value with new platform opportunities from location intelligence.

Geospatial’s time has come

How can platforms harness these geospatial technologies to create exceptional customer experiences and build new multibillion-dollar businesses?

In a highly competitive and hyper—volatile environment, Geospatial Platforms is an integrated set of capabilities—spanning strategy, consulting, operations and digital—that help companies move into this space with confidence, agility and resilience

Our geospatial platform services

Accenture’s Geospatial Platform services help our clients create and execute strategies for mapping, location-based services, and/or autonomous vehicles.


Geospatial advisory

We help platform companies define and execute long-term strategies that drive value from investments at scale.

Solutions we provide:

  • Data and technology decisions
  • Build / buy / rent / sell
  • Market entry & expansion
  • Architecture & policies
  • Strategy for geospatial incumbents

Geospatial assets

Our global teams design, build and run high-quality, strategic assets including Applied Intelligence.

Solutions we provide:

  • Large-scale content operations (create, maintain, and moderate)
  • Innovation & incubation
  • Data supply chain, privacy, policy, analytics, & QA
  • ML training, simulation, test, & deployment

Geospatial product & technology

Our full suite of capabilities helps companies develop a secure, integrated and intelligent geospatial infrastructure.

Solutions we provide:

  • Customer & operational analytics
  • Algorithmic development & testing
  • User experience
  • Systems integration

Geospatial mobilization

We can help you power innovation while maintaining a laser focus on quality and customer experience.

Solutions we provide:

  • Set up & run new operations in new locations
  • Manage pilot programs

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Geospatial’s time is now: How will you navigate?

In this fast-moving space there are many new frontiers to explore, from the great indoors, to the more elevated world of drones, to smarter cities. Unlock the new opportunities for geospatial in each of these areas.

To navigate: Click on the pins to navigate the map and explore how the cities of tomorrow have taken advantage of the potential of geospatial technology. If you get lost during your journey, try zooming out to see all the places to explore or refresh the page.

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Location-based services, mapping and autonomous vehicles can all unlock new value for platform companies and create exceptional customer experiences.

But the geospatial ecosystem is incredibly complex and new technologies are emerging all the time. To zero in on the massive value potential, it’s critical to understand where and how geospatial functionality should be added, which geospatial technologies are the best fit, and whether or not to partner with a third-party geospatial platform.

Leading digital businesses are already harnessing geospatial data and services to align the physical and digital worlds and build new multi-billion-dollar businesses. Click the players on the right to listen to the latest developments.


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