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New end to end smart supply chain

An intelligent supply chain powered by SAP can be an engine of aerospace and defense growth.

Boost supply IQ for aerospace and defense growth

Aerospace and defense companies are investing in digital technologies to meet their customers’ changing needs. But one vital area remains relatively overlooked: the supply chain. That’s a missed opportunity.

By harnessing new IT, aerospace and defense businesses can create an intelligent supply chain. Not only can that drive greater efficiency, integration and visibility, it can also serve as a smart and connected, living driver of differentiation and growth.

How can aerospace and defense companies get there? The answer lies in replacing today’s linear supply chain with an intelligent supply network, with SAP technologies at its heart, connecting all partners seamlessly to deliver greater value.

SAP’s digital capabilities and cloud-based solutions can help transform the supply chain to become autonomous, responsive, adaptive and differentiated.

Learn how to unleash new growth potential with an intelligent supply chain.

Transforming aerospace and defense enterprise

Powering intelligent enterprise with SAP

Scaling digital supply chain

Over three-quarters of Chief Supply Chain Officers in aerospace and defense still see supply chain principally as a support function and a driver of cost efficiency.

Focus on three imperatives

An intelligent supply chain focused on these three key imperatives, can help aerospace and defense businesses achieve greater end-to-end efficiency, tighter inventory control, supply chain predictability and optimized final assembly line operations.

Configure and connect

Turn the supply chain into an asset-light ecosystem using intelligent technology for real-time end-to-end visibility.


Have a customer service-orientated liquid workforce.


Use analytics, performance monitoring and innovation.

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Building the intelligent supply chain

An intelligent supply chain powered by SAP can be an engine of aerospace and defense growth. Four SAP solutions are particularly fundamental to make your next generation supply chain insight-driven, transparent, integrated, innovative and adaptive.


SAP S/4 HANA as the digital core


IBP at the core of integrated business planning


Ariba connecting the B2B marketplace


Leonardo powered by advanced AI technologies

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Accenture helped this client reduce post assembly cycle time to customer acceptance by half and identified $180 million in inventory reduction.


Accenture helped this client increase flexibility, reduce time to market and improve performance and industrial management.


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