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Building a data-driven travel company

June 21, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

A data mindset can power future growth

Now is the time to go big on data

What does a data-powered travel company look like?

Building data-powered foundations


The value of data needs to be recognized and communicated at every level of a company. 

Technology infrastructure

Overhauling outdated technology systems and processes, which create a lack of integration and interoperability between data silos, is vital. 


The use of data influences critical business outcomes - the responsibility for data transformation must therefore lie with senior leadership.

How to put it all into action

Think big, but start small 

Yesterday’s approaches to data are already struggling to keep pace. Becoming data powered is an effort that needs to start now.

Give data a voice

Create senior responsibility for data at C-suite level—potentially through a CDO post.

Make smart investments

Maximize value by shifting from a “data project” approach, based on one-off initiatives, to a “data product” approach.

Put data at the heart of the culture

Leadership needs to relentlessly champion data with clear and realistic explanations of how it can tangibly improve the business.

Develop partnerships

Use the power of data to build new and deeper collaboration between your business and its ecosystem partners.

Tuba Guclu

Managing Director – Travel

Sergiy Nevstruyev

Managing Director – Enterprise Architecture & Digital Transformation Lead


Dan Giles

Airline Technology Architect 

Doug Cochran

Senior Manager – Aviation Strategy and Consulting

Jamie Yates

Consulting Manager  – Technology

Jonas Drewitz

Management Consulting Manager

Rafael Pérez Martín

Managing Director – Data & AI

Mike Tansey

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel, Growth Markets

Jonathan Fuentes Gutiérrez

Senior Manager – Travel

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