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A podcast that takes an in-depth look at Enterprise agility. Leading experts cover what it is, why it matters, and—most of all—how to achieve it.

Enterprise agility is the ability to respond effectively, with speed and stability, to opportunities and disruption.

11 | Growing your product owner with John MacLeod

What’s the most important role in an Agile project? There’s a strong argument that it’s the product owner. But the same traits that make product owners so important also make them hard to find. Elitsa is joined by John Macleod, Front End Development Lead for Accenture Interactive, to discuss the power of the product owner role in Enterprise Agility and how to find and keep these Agile ‘unicorns’.


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Elitsa is joined by Subhash Chandra Jose of ING to discuss how the global giant transformed itself.

What role does leadership have in shaping an agile culture at work? What skills should leaders look for as they build their future workforce?

Julian Sawyer, COO of Starling Bank, joins Elitsa to explore what challenger banks can teach industry incumbents.

Nici Butchart of Gazelle Partners joins Elitsa to discuss employee wellbeing and maintain an agile state of mind.

Neil Garton of the Royal Bank of Scotland joins Elitsa to discuss how RBS keeps the customer at the centre of its enterprise agility program.

Agility thought leaders John and Charlie Rudd join Elista Nacheva to discuss the roots of enterprise agility.

Michael Bazigos of Accenture Strategy joins Elitsa Nacheva to look at the paradox of true agility and what ultra-fastmotorcycles can teach us.

Elitsa Nacheva welcomes Andy Young back to take a closer look at the challenges and opportunities organizations face in seeking to become more agile.

Elitsa Nacheva interviews Eva Sage-Gavin about the role of leadership and culture in fostering enterprise agility.

Elitsa Nacheva, Andy Young and James Tabernor discuss enterprise agility and why true agility has proven elusive for many organizations.

This podcast series takes an in-depth look at enterprise agility for financial services.

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"Talking Agility uncovers how technology, disruption and innovation intersect, and explores the tools and skills your organization needs."

– ELITSA NACHEVA, Management Consultant, Talent & Organization – Financial Services and Host of Talking Agility

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