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Intel: Delivering on the promise of AI frameworks everywhere

Solving real-world problems with Intel AI Analytics Toolkit

New era of computing, new challenges

Every company must be a digital company to compete in today's world—and AI is at the core of a data-driven business.

Technology giant Intel, famous for its massive silicon business, sees that embedding open software technology to connect the innovation of developers gives them more opportunities to solve real-world problems.

The developer tools in Intel’s AI software portfolio are designed to not only maximize system performance by leveraging advanced features in the latest Intel hardware architectures, such as Intel® Xeon® 4th Gen Scalable Processor, but also to boost developer productivity by providing tools for data science workflow stages.

By leveraging Accenture’s strong technology development skills, go-to-market scale, enterprise experience and marketing capabilities, Intel aims to drive further interest in its software tools for the next generation of high-performance data-centric applications.

Simplifying enterprise development

Intel and Accenture officially kicked off their collaboration with the goal of creating a new development ecosystem centered on industry standard AI frameworks. The team planned a multi-step, 15-month agile program to increase traction of the tools and framework optimizations in Intel’s AI software portfolio among developers. Then, the team began designing “reference kits” that outline specific use cases and share real-world code.

Thirty-four kits were created built on lean product management and a continuous integration and delivery foundation.

Within 15 months, the joint team trained about 220 developers on the enterprise potential of AI analytics technology. These early adopters were able to experiment with source code, discover game-changing applications and apply them within working environments.

A real community of problem solvers

The reference kits put Intel and Accenture on the forefront of helping enterprises solve AI problems for the future.

The joint team built on its existing code repository and is expanding knowledge within the developer community about using tools and framework optimizations in Intel's AI software portfolio for enterprise solutions.

Reference kits are being explored by dozens of industry partners to improve their productivity, the allocation of talent and to reduce cost of ownership through hardware efficiency gains.

These innovative capabilities allow developers to quickly optimize code to meet increasing demands of AI workloads. Through this program, Intel and Accenture are inspiring the broad AI developer community to join them on the journey to heterogeneous computing so they can solve enterprises’ most complex problems.