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The opportunities of artificial intelligence are undeniable, expanding and absolutely crucial to any business’ competitive strategy. But with endless pathways to get there, how can you quickly and confidently integrate the right capabilities across your organization to create a measurable impact—and one that can scale?

AIP+ is Accenture’s collection of modular, pre-integrated AI services and capabilities, designed to make it significantly easier to adopt AI throughout your business and scale new solutions faster than ever before. And it doesn’t have to replace your current partner or custom platforms—AIP+ can help you maximize the value of your existing infrastructure, integrating with platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google and Intel. It offers easy-to-use components and solutions, available as-a-service or as modular accelerators customized to provide the flexibility your business needs.

No matter your industry, no matter where you are on your AI journey, AIP+ helps give you the edge to accelerate innovation and drive unprecedented speed to success.

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Plug in and plus up

Innovate quickly and get results, all while reducing costs.

Speed to intelligence

Rapidly operationalize all your data—from the cloud to the edge—and leverage 250+ apps and 600+ data sets to capture every detail and gain actionable insights.

Speed to value

Pre-built, customizable components are offered as-a-service and designed to plug into existing technology, helping you to scale up or down easily and working to drive results, fast.

Speed to confidence

Leverage the best of what’s next with curated IP backed by experts, and innovate confidently with end-to-end, GDPR and CCPA-ready data governance services.

Speed to scale

End-to-end industry and functional solutions offer the ability to scale up quickly, and automated data science helps more people across the business benefit from AI.

Speed to savings

Minimal upfront cost, with a pay-as-you-use model, and free access to sandbox environments for quick prototyping.

Speed to ease

Low-code/no-code and tech-independent tools can help you build applications, and a flexible engagement model accommodates nearly any need, making it easier for you to do business.

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How it works

AIP+ is comprised of five key capabilities and end-to-end solutions, designed to plug into your business to start generating value at incredible speed.

Data Supply Chain+
Connect the enterprise by automating the gathering, integration and mobilization of data, regardless of the source.

Empower more users with AI and machine learning tools that can help synthesize new insights and create continuously learning systems.

Transform insights into action and extend capabilities through living, learning experiences.

Simplify the deployment, ongoing maintenance and monitoring of new intelligence across your enterprise.

Tap into our team of experts, delivering data governance, advisory, consultation and implementation services that help maximize the performance of your technology.

Applied Intelligence Solutions
Plug in pre-built solutions designed to solve for common industry, functional and business process needs—quickly and efficiently.

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