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Reimagine the retail workforce

April 8, 2021


In brief

New ways of working for future retail businesses

Build a future-ready retail workforce

What is the future of retail work?

To serve customers across an integrated marketplace, retailers need new workforce structures and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Who will do the work and how?

As new roles emerge, retailers need to evaluate and prepare existing talent with reskilling and upskilling, and invest in digital technologies.

Where will the retail work be done?

The workplace will be diverse and dispersed. Retailers need to ensure work is done once, done right, and done in only one place to avoid duplication.

To keep up with the pace of change, retailers need to redefine their workforce models and explore new ways to serve the consumer more effectively and efficiently.

Redefine workplace models in retail

Define a purpose-driven culture

Prioritize equality and diversity, where everyone feels they have a chance to advance and thrive.

Leverage the best of workforce talent

Provide continuous learning, balancing hard with soft skills and maintaining a purpose-driven culture remotely.

Choose the right partners and ecosystems

Help to strengthen the workforce’s ability to provide enhanced and seamless customer experiences in a significantly more dynamic marketplace.

Build a future-ready workforce

Reimagine the nature of work, where it’s done, how and by whom.

Maintain cohesion

Maximize the effectiveness of workforce interactions across significantly more diverse teams.

About the Authors

Jill Standish

Senior Managing Director – Global Lead, Retail


Managing Director – Global Talent & Organization/Human Performance Retail Lead


Managing Director – Retail West Strategy & Consulting Industry Lead

Nicholas Whittall

Senior Managing Director – Accenture, Midwest Retail Lead

Rebecca Tully

Managing Director – Retail

Paige Prepula

Managing Director – Retail


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