Beyond the supply chain

Market volatility, digital disruption and changing customer expectations mean that companies need less of a supply chain and more of a digital supply network, capable of moving quickly and flexibly. By putting data at the core of their operating model, supply chain organizations can develop powerful new capabilities, processes, and metrics. Ultimately, increasing forecasting accuracy, identifying and resolving issues in real time, and delivering a differentiated and highly relevant customer experience.

The digital collaboration platform and the supply chain of the future

Our digital collaboration platform powers companies to connect traditional stakeholders—both internal and external, across the physical supply chain to facilitate better information, improved production, swifter execution, faster delivery and more satisfied customers, leading to increased profitability.

Digital Supply Network for high-tech companies

The control tower and the supply chain of the future

In this Slideshare, learn how the Supply Chain Control Tower drives cross-functional collaboration for operational excellence and informed decision-making based on real-time insights. It can shift the supply chain from just a method of fulfilling orders to a vehicle for sensing and shaping demand—and expand its capabilities from simply minimizing costs to driving the top line.

What we think

Deliver more than expected

Deliver differentiated experiences and drive growth by harnessing digital for hyper-personalized supply chain solutions for high-tech businesses.

Is your supply chain in sleep mode?

Leverage New IT to transform supply chain into a powerhouse of top-line growth by effective targeting and strategic deployment.

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Tom Stuermer on IoT and supply chain

Tom Stuermer Supply Chain

Accenture's video highlights three ways in which IoT is really transforming the supply chain of the future for our high-tech clients. See more.

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