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How auto CMOs can power the future with technology

October 20, 2020

Full speed ahead with technology

Connect with customers digitally


of CMOs say they have an integrated end-to-end view of the consumer that serves as a single version of the truth across functions, compared to the cross-industry average of 36%.


say they are investing in platform technology to improve customer engagement across the broader organization.


believe there is additional value to be captured.


of CMOs plan to increase their investment in customer experience, while 90% plan to double down on customer data platforms.

1. Internet of things

Create new ways to develop products that deliver on customer relevance

2. Robotic process automation

Streamline data collection

3. Chatbots

Improve customer interactions

Select the right ecosystem partners

Orient around business value

Obstacles on the road to growth

How to get started

Invest in leading-edge digital marketing capabilities to connect with customers.

Execute marketing and CRM capabilities across the sales funnel—from awareness to last-mile conversion.

Build the necessary analytics skills to collect, analyze and act on data intelligence.

Expand technical skills to use new technology (e.g. artificial intelligence and robotic process automation) and implement, integrate and run platforms.

Teodoro Lio

Senior Managing Director – Consumer and Manufacturing Industries

Alberto Sernia

Managing Director, Automotive Customer Experience Offering Lead

Alberto Scaglione


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