The art of front office thinking

A new perspective on how to transform your sales, marketing and service operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth.


Accenture acquires N3

N3 is an investment in helping our B2B clients with their growth agendas. Working with Accenture’s SynOps platform, the combined capabilities will aggregate millions of interaction points into actionable insights that drives sales growth.

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What we do

We help organizations see their front office a little differently, rewiring it to become an engine that drives disruptive growth.

Sales, marketing and service operations play a foundational role for organizations looking to deliver hyper-relevant experiences to customers, anytime, anywhere. We encourage our clients to view these front-office functions holistically and to see customer interactions as one connected life cycle, from lead generation, through conversion, to customer adoption, success and retention.

Our human + machine approach, SynOps, allows sales and revenue leaders to expand into areas previously unreachable. Now, you can rapidly experiment, pilot and execute programs that will help your front office go where there’s room to grow.


Front office thinking

Accenture's video describes what is the Front Office Thinking and how it supports the new mindset and technologies. See more.

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How we work

We provide seamless, customer-centric marketing, sales and support across the customer life cycle.

Inside sales

We enrich your lead generation and prioritization capabilities, as well as improving customer acquisition and retention.

Ecosystem and channel optimization

We help onboard and enable partners, as well as providing channel performance optimization and program compliance management.

Sales enablement

We work across order management, contract management, master data management, trade promotion management, and configuring, pricing and quoting.

Customer adoption and success

We offer customer onboarding, adoption and care (AI-powered). We provide training, product enablement and support, and upsell / cross-sell expansion.

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Why work with us


Improvement in inside sales lead conversation rate


Increase in customer retention


Customer satisfaction rate achieved consistently


Net promotor score increase

HFS highlight

HFS report how Accenture’s customer engagement acquisition strategy is aimed at OneOffice dominance in a virtual world.

Empathy now; continuity next: 3 tips for supporting SMBs

The turmoil amongst the COVID-19 pandemic is far greater for SMBs. Being "of service" in this environment is about helping SMBs navigate and potentially pivot their business. In a recent Accenture Survey, 62% of SMBs state they are highly likely to renew products or services they purchased. Now is the time to be there and be more for new and existing clients desperately needing your support. Being “of service” matters – today more than ever

Watch this webinar conversation with Jacqueline Morgan to share, borrow and implement ideas big and small to help SMB/s see the path to survival and possible market opportunities.

Empathy now; continuity next: 3 tips for supporting smbs

Human + machine lead prioritization = growth

What we think

Step inside our centers to see our people innovate to deliver outcomes using 360° virtual reality.

The route to B2B relationship success means mastering human + machine personalization.

We explored retention drivers, success activities and the value of the Customer Success Manager.

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Case studies

How a 360-degree view of prospects and an integrated, data-driven approach powers success.

Delivering insight-driven customer retention operations.

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Our leaders


Funnel Vision: It’s time to take the blinders off​

Funnel vision is a common condition among sales organizations that focus on linear sales processes rather than a customer’s buying journey.

Accenture leads the way in Digital Front Office​

HFS Research names Accenture as the number one provider of digital front office services.​

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