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Travel industry recovery: Business or leisure?

April 21, 2021


In brief

New post-pandemic travel trends

Integrated personal wellness

Health and wellbeing are now priorities for travelers. Every business now has to be a wellness business.

Living for local

The pandemic has refocused people’s attention on their local communities. Domestic travel will be a priority for leisure travelers in the short term.

Doing real good

Travelers in the post-COVID era are looking for sustainable experiences that blend their own need for wellness with that of the planet.

Reinventing connection

Whilst people have been connecting virtually throughout the pandemic, there’s no substitute for seeing loved ones face to face.

New travel market challenges

The travel business is now a leisure business…and a smaller business.

A new playbook for the leisure travel market

Inspiring customers

Airlines and hotels must inspire potential customers and trigger a desire to travel by being active on social media and travel inspiration channels.

A “Glocal” marketing strategy

A global marketing strategy is an essential part of brand awareness, but for leisure travel, it needs to be complemented with local flexibility.

Rethinking loyalty

Points-based loyalty programs focused on frequent business travel need to be rebalanced around the functional and emotional side of loyalty.

Scalable media and content models

To capture new business, companies need a continuous personalized connection with travelers, across all channels and throughout the marketing funnel.

Data-driven decisions

Data unlocks the leisure opportunity by uncovering local needs, guiding the value proposition, increasing efficiency, and prioritizing investments.

Delivering seamless experiences

Ultimately, the experience must match up to the promise. Get it right and there are huge opportunities to increase brand affinity and loyalty.

Activating the leisure strategy

A new chapter for post-pandemic travel