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High Tech

Reinvent physical and digital supply chain networks

Leaders are rethinking their supply chain foundations to improve supply chain resiliency, improve costs and reduce risks.

Why supply chain network redesign matters


of high tech executives report it takes up to one week or more to be alerted to disruptions in their manufacturing or supply chain


in high tech revenue growth opportunity was missed over the last 2 years due to disruption in company engineering, supply, production and operations


of companies are planning a direct investment in nearshoring or onshoring to design a supply chain that can “do it all” while being sustainable and cost-efficient


of high tech executives say they redesign their supply chain network every 2 to 5 years to take a fresh look at their approach and unlock greater resilience

What you can do

Customer service, hold times and resiliency all benefit when your supply chain is closer to your customers. Onshoring or nearshoring also alleviates the strain on your resources.


of US executives think manufacturing closer to home is key to survival

Use predictive technology to foresee disruptions before they happen. Use continuity-focused technology to get real-time insights and data-sharing across suppliers and factories.

Understand your customer needs and your data earlier in the supply chain design process. Making earlier development decisions helps improve the network’s resilience, cycle times and product quality while reducing costs. 

Enable your people, increase productivity and decrease redundancies by using automated tools and data-driven analytics.


of workers feel they are not being fully prepared with the skills they need for the future