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Rail and transit

Transform your rail and transit operations with digital platforms, data-driven insights and a reimagined customer experience.

What’s going on

Sustainable mobility, smart cities and urbanization are significantly increasing passenger and freight volume. In response, rail and transit companies are improving their asset use and energy consumption — by modernizing and digitizing their infrastructure, operations and services. In parallel, growing passenger demands for more secure, efficient and connected rail and transit require a new mobility ecosystem with data-driven automation, intelligent design and sustainable innovation.

What you can do

New technologies are transforming the industry (think IoT, cloud, extended reality, metaverse, artificial intelligence and large language models.) Use them to improve capacity, safety, reliability, sustainability, costs and new customer experiences.

Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks are disrupting rail and transit organizations. Take a holistic security approach, including your information and operational technologies (IT and OT) — and your organizational and governance measures.

Take a new approach to data strategy and governance. Incorporate the latest technologies (e.g., cloud platforms, AI, data and analytics) along your whole value chain, from planning to customer and digital services.

Rail and transit networks are the backbone of mobility. These days, their success relies on human-centered approaches to customer needs. Discard siloed, company-centered thinking for more open systems and outside contributions to core offerings.

Manage your assets digitally to improve reliability, operational availability, network capacity — and costs. Doing so also enables digital rail operations and automatic train operations. A comprehensive approach is required.

Upgrade your rail operations to new standards like ETCS and FRMCS for:

  • Cross-border interoperability 
  • Improved energy consumption 
  • Increased capacity
  • More flexibility
  • Better reliability 
  • Improved safety

Our leaders

Séverine Mastikian

Managing Director – Rail and Transit, EMEA Lead

Claudio Bacalhau

Managing Director – Rail and Transit, Growth Markets Lead