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Hitachi Energy’s journey to becoming future-ready

The Industrialist: An interview with Michael Loechle, Chief Information Officer at Hitachi Energy

The Industrialist is your essential guide to the latest innovations, ideas, and insights on industrial industry. Each month, we speak to a different industry leader about their approach to innovation and emerging trends impacting the industrial sector. For this edition we talked to Hitachi Energy's CIO Michael Loechle about the company’s recent journey: re-building its IT estate from the ground up after the carve out from ABB, prioritizing its cybersecurity and its invaluable data, and becoming the future-ready organization it now is. 

Accenture’s Rene Wiedemann, Managing Director – Industrial Lead ASG, sat down with Michael to find out about his approach and the challenges facing industrial companies in today’s world. In addition to data and cyber, Michael shared his views on the game-changing role of AI and how the organization is advancing the shift to sustainable energy.

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Data is everything. I get annoyed when people say data is the new oil—data has always been the oil.

Michael Loechle / CIO, Hitachi Energy

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