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Oracle Identity and Access Management Developer

Job Location: Prague

Job Number: 00429863


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Working within a team of developers and solutions architects, you will utilize your in-depth knowledge of Oracle Identity and Access Management suite and deep experience on Identity and Access Management technologies – Identity Management, Access Management, and Directory Management. You will help develop and guide the solution of the most cutting edge capabilities at Accenture. Solid understanding of Java, and shell scripting. Individual should have a strong technical background and excellent problem solving skills. Hands-on deep technical experience with customizing and integrating various components of Oracle Identity and Access Management (OIAM) solutions, including but not limited to: Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Directory Services (OUD/OID). Experienced in utilizing OHS, WebLogic, Oracle database and Linux.




• Must be able to work collaboratively with other team members and stakeholders, both contractors and employees.


• Will include hands-on experience with Oracle Identity Management suite


• Augment and tailor the Oracle Identity and Access Management products, as required.


• Ensuring appropriate collection and analysis of technical/functional requirements based on critical IAM use cases and expectations.


• Works closely with project IAM Architect or Practice Manager to identify key IAM technical components as aligned to project requirements, assist in prioritizing development efforts, catalog IAM component to project requirements, and assign them to project use cases and sprints.


• Conduct in-depth technical IAM research, needs assessments and performance analysis to support, design, and develop new technical IAM components for clients.


• Collaborate closely with DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure teams to architect I&AM solutions and troubleshoot issues.



• Support leadership and client needs for capability demonstrations and description content.


IAM Developer has the following responsibilities:


• Conduct services and product design, implementation, and integration


• Engineer components in the Oracle Identity and Access Management suite; allocate requirements to product or service components


• Engineer internal and external interfaces (Java, shell scripts)


• Develop and/or provide technical input for build directives


• Develop and verify product and services components


• Analyze proposed changes to engineering products and services


• Support integration of IAMaaS with open sourced technologies.


• Support internal testing activities and correct software discrepancies, as identified


• Support external testing activities and correct software discrepancies, as identified


• Solid understanding of Java, JavaScript programming languages.


• Solid understanding and practical experience of software development lifecycle/Agile.


• Strong analytical, problem solving and debugging skills.


• Frequent releases of end-to-end capabilities no more than bi-weekly


• Multiple, rapidly executed iterations that produce functionality to users for feedback no later than every four weeks


• Automated implementation of build, deploy, test and release process (AKA: Continuous Integration Pipeline)


• Modular, open systems approach (MOSA)


• Organization of requirements into user stories that are Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small and Testable (INVEST)


Be fluent in the following:


• Analyzing, designing, developing, integrating, and testing IAM hardware and software components and configurations to create releases of the IAMaaS environments


• Assessing the completeness, traceability, and consistency of all interface requirements


• Identifying and defining external operational and technical interface requirements


• Documenting and delivering analyses, designs, integration plans, iteration and release delivery schedules, and test plans


• Developing custom software required by the IAMaaS environment design


• Developing automated build, testing, and deploy scripts


• Configuring and integrating COTS open-source, and contractor-developed custom software components required to support the IAMaaS environment


• Configuring and integrating COTS, open-source, and contractor-developed custom software required to populate the IAMaaS environment with new and migrated identity data


• Participation in operational and performance tests to confirm that the ICAM environment meets functional requirements, user expectations, and performance specifications


• Reporting test results to the design engineers and risk managers, and to  technical leads and Program Manager


• Identifying potential interface and interoperability issues and risks


• Evaluating and presenting candidate solutions to performance and capability risks and issues to the leadership team


• Proposing engineering changes to address new and changed customer requirements and to improve system usability, performance, and reliability


• Assisting with the development and maintenance of Interface Requirements Documents and ensuring interface documentation is comprehensive and accurate


Must possess the following hands-on development skills:


• Oracle Identity and Access Management products: Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, and Oracle Directory Services (OUD/OID)


• OHS, WebLogic, and Oracle database


• J2EE (Java, JSP, JMS, Servlets, Web Services)


• Various OS (Windows, Linux)


• UNIX shell scripting


• Performance tuning and optimization

Preferred Skills


• Experience with DevOps tools (i.e. Jenkins, Docker, Git)


• Experience in Splunk, Kibana etc.,


• Scripting, build tools (Python, ant, maven, gradle)


• Experience in cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure/OpenStack etc.,)


• Experience in CI/CD methodologies


• Knowledge of Active Directory and LDAP are highly desired.


• Experience with OS & application hardening, vulnerability remediation


• Knowledge of Identity and Access Management protocols, relevant RFC's and audit compliance


• Experience in Identity Assurance (IAM, PKI, Strong Authentication, Smartcards) and security


• Configuration/Deployment experience in monitoring solutions like OEM, New Relic, DynaTrace, Amazon CloudWatch etc.,



• Ability to pay attention to detail, and to work independently with minimum supervision


• CISSP certification would be a plus




Minimum B.S in Computer Science with 5 years hands-on experience in development and knowledge of Enterprise IT Infrastructure.


Minimum 5 years hands-on experience in development and knowledge of Identity and Access Management systems with a minimum of 3 years’ experience working with Oracle Identify and Access Management products.

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