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Accenture + AWS

Full speed ahead to Las Vegas! 

 Accenture @ AWS re:Invent 2022  

Accenture and AWS take you further, faster

Accenture and AWS make big ideas happen

Solutions and offerings

Migration & modernization on AWS

Migrate, modernize and optimize infrastructure and business applications on AWS cloud. Read more.

Advanced customer engagement on AWS

Transform the customer experience through AI-powered conversations with Accenture’s Advanced Customer Engagement platform on AWS. Read more.


End-to-end cloud SAP migrations and solutions on AWS cloud. Read more.

Cloud transformation at speed and scale

Reorganize IT and Business for the future with Accenture Cloud Transformation on AWS.

Cloud managed services

Improve service quality with Accenture Managed Services for the AWS cloud.

Security on AWS

End-to-end cloud security, with pre-built compliance templates and operational efficiency built for the AWS cloud.

Data & analytics on AWS

Move, visualize and transform data on AWS Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Scale business-driven insights on the AWS cloud.

Next-Gen apps — Re-imagine

Reimagine your business by building new and scalable applications on AWS technology.

Industry X.0 & IoT on AWS

Develop IoT Solutions and next-generation manufacturing on AWS cloud.

Supply chain & operations

Optimize physical and financial supply chains to improve enterprise performance, increase agility and operate sustainably.

Case studies

Meet our clients

Spotlight on: Sustainability


Our approach

Sustainable Technology

Enable organizations to optimize the environmental footprint of technology with sustainably architected and deployed cloud platforms. 

Net Zero Energy Transition

Helping our clients navigate the energy transition with solutions to reduce emissions from buildings to transport to energy systems to cities while driving social and economic benefits.

Responsible Supply Chain

Designing and delivering trusted, net zero and circular end-to-end value chains​.

Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

Leveraging technology and​ software to better measure ​and monitor sustainability​ performance across the business​.

Client stories


New water intelligence and management solution will accelerate operational efficiencies and sustainability across the energy industry.

Free2Move eSolutions

Leading the transition toward electric mobility with a mission to solve complex issues and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Accenture introduces circular supply chain capability leveraging blockchain, digital identity and payments technologies.


We speak AWS

Supply chain

We optimize physical and financial supply chains to improve enterprise performance, increase agility and operate sustainably. Learn more

Managed Security Service Provider

We provide comprehensive and fully managed security, leveraging AWS-native controls and services. Learn more

AWS Well-Architected Partner

We rapidly analyze any workload targeted for or already running on AWS, reducing risk through our robust cloud architecture experience. Learn more

Mainframe Modernization

We bring our cloud and mainframe practices to support different legacy optimization approaches to migrate and modernize on the AWS cloud. Learn more.


We leverage our deep expertise along with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to build comprehensive solutions for our clients. Learn more


We have networks of specialists in each major geography, concentrating on specific SAP areas to share experience, insights and thought leadership. Learn more.

What we think


Explore Sustainable Technology

Uniting technology and sustainability

Our report highlights the critical role of the CIO in driving business value and ESG performance while reducing negative impact of technology.



Meet me in the metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse Continuum—a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models poised to revolutionize life and enterprise in the next decade.



Creating a modern digital workplace

Success in the Cloud Continuum isn’t about a new cloud platform. It’s a whole new way of working that empowers people and changes how they work.



Ever-ready IT infrastructure

Companies must evolve how they architect, develop and operate tech infrastructure—including compute, network, workplace and data platforms.



Awards & recognition

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Our leaders

Andy Tay

Global Lead for Accenture AWS Business Group & Senior Managing Director

Sara Alligood

Worldwide Partner Leader – AABG