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Border services consulting


Future borders 2030: From vision to reality

Intelligence in border management

How we serve our clients

Frictionless by design

Deliver experiences that meet citizens’ desires for clarity, consistency, simplicity and predictability.

From trust to truth

Use reliable and easily accessible data to increase certainty about traveler and trader declarations.

Virtual frontiers

Understand how the advent of persistent virtual spaces in the metaverse will redefine the notion of borders, migration and trade.

Digital infrastructure

Embrace cloud infrastructure and digital platforms to accelerate innovation, improve data intelligence and increase value.

Regulatory and compliance

Reimagine how payments are made and processed, as well as how compliance is designed, communicated and monitored.

Workforce for a new era

Reimagine skilling, talent and operational models to build a resilient workforce that can meet citizens’ evolving needs.

What we think

Public service experience through a new lens

Learn how public service agencies can reframe experiences in the changing context of people's lives.

Future borders 2030: From vision to reality

Discover three trends that can create effective and frictionless borders enabling prosperity and security.

EnterFinland: Border management and immigration

Meet our lead

Prasanna Ellanti

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Border Services