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Innovation in Sophia Antipolis

About the center

Oil & Gas Innovation Program at Sophia Antipolis

What to expect


Get inspired by the latest market research and case studies. Experience what the future could look like through a variety of demos and prototypes.


Attend design thinking sessions and workshops that stimulate creativity and dialog to help you solve problems, frame opportunities and innovation.


Bring innovative ideas to life with our Liquid Studio and leave with a quick but realistic demonstration of your idea in only a couple of days/weeks.

How we work

Customized industry research

We provide industry insights and perform custom research on market trends, competitor insights and innovation.

Immersive showroom

We leverage a 500m2 immersive showroom space to experience digital and technology innovation in a ‘touch & feel’ fashion.

Design thinking

Design thinking coaches can help you adopt a design mindset and human-centered methods to solve problems, frame opportunities and achieve innovation.

Start-up insights

Our Accenture Ventures team can assess the ecosystem landscape and identify and invite relevant startups to the session.

Live sketching

Our Design Team captures ideas emerging from design thinking sessions to facilitate the ideation process and summarize key decisions and outcomes.

Rapid prototyping

Our Liquid Studio team can help you bring your innovative ideas to life by creating prototypes or Minimum Viable Products in a few days or weeks.

What we offer

Oil and Gas offerings

Accelerate data-driven decision making across the value chain, transform operations and the customer experience and secure and support your workforce.

Utilities offerings

Increase efficiency and profitability of conventional power plants and renewables, optimizing grid operations and identifying new revenue models.

Chemicals and Natural Resources offerings

Improve plant productivity via digital technologies, providing end-to-end supply chain visibility and creating new forms of customer interactions.

Cyber resilience offerings

Enhance your risk posture by assessing threats and creating security operation centers to monitor and resolve security threats across the value chain.

Our leaders

François-Paul Goarin

Managing Director – Energy, Accenture France

Andrea Hebel

Sophia Antipolis Engagement Lead

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Take a tour or book a workshop with our experts.

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See where we are

We are located in the French Riviera.